Synthesizer FX Vol. 1

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Contents: Arc buzz, sparks, sizzle, unstable, dry, buzz, drone, scream, spaceship, belltree, bitcrush, blast, explo, bust, noise, signal, crush, bubble, chop code, error, lowbit, pulse, saw, data processing, decode, glitch, tape 8mm.
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Description: The first volume of a huge series containing mostly different energy sounds, signals and UI sounds, Sci-fi sound, big whoosh and special swishes. Many rich energy types and enormous variety in their states are available. These sounds function well for physical characters e.g. transformers and equally in documentaries or for the special visual FX in games or movies. The richniess and variety in signal sounds, communications, digital and coding noises is unavailable elsewhere. These sounds will be increasingly important in your future productions. All these materials are created with analog modular synthesizers systems and are controlled by a specially-designed iPad control panel. For this reason, even transformer or robot sounds have emotional power.

Volume Contents

151 files (Wave 96kHz/24bits)



Track List


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